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Resolving conflict at work

Mediation is an informal process for dispute resolution, essentially through a series of facilitated discussions, led by an impartial mediator, with a view to collaborative problem-solving.

Mediation is:

  • VOLUNTARY – the process will be effective only if all parties agree to participate.

  • INFORMAL – i.e. not part of a formal policy or process, not formally recorded or noted on an employee’s file.

  • CONFIDENTIAL – all parties, including the mediator, will need to agree that conversations held within the mediation process will remain confidential.

  • FLEXIBLE – whilst the mediator will have a planned approach, there are no fixed rules about exactly how the process should run.

  • COLLABORATIVE – outcomes, e.g. any agreements on ways to move forward, are wholly owned by the participants.

The mediator will facilitate and lead the discussions, encouraging participants to explore the issues at hand and to work towards a shared agreement on ways forward.