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As a manager, or a business owner, you will be aware that handling difficult situations relating to your employees can take up a considerable amount of your time, and if not managed in an appropriate way, matters could escalate and potentially become very expensive to resolve.

Seeking professional HR advice at an early stage, with any problem or dispute, will help you to address any concerns promptly and effectively in accordance with employment law and good practice.  Once the problem is resolved you and your employees will have more time to concentrate on your business and its customers.

SSHR can advise and support you with a range of employee relations matters, for example:

  • Creating and/or reviewing employment contracts and HR policies

  • Disciplinary procedures (investigations/hearings)

  • Disputes and/or grievances at work (see also Mediation)

  • Employee absence and/or long-term health issues

  • Managing performance constructively

  • Redundancy and restructuring

  • Transferring employees (TUPE)

  • Engaging with Trade Unions


SSHR can also design and deliver training for you and/or your management teams on any of the issues above.

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